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       Links Page

This page has links to many resources that have important information about forensic toxicology, DUI and DUID investigation, and interpretation of drug testing results. 

Scroll down to access links:  Many of these are PDF files and take some time to load, so please be patient.

These links are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.  Drug Detection Laboratories is not responsible for their accuracy and does not necessarily agree with any conclusions or opinions stated in these links.



1. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Validation Studies on Field Sobriety Tests      


2.    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration "Drugs and Human Performance Fact Sheets"  



3.  DRE Drug Matrix Chart    For an explanation of the DRE unit and an overview of the DRE program see, by the LAPD.

Contact Drug Detection Laboratories for your DRE Matrix/Pupilometer at (916) 366-3113.



4.  Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) Instructions, Clues and the DRE Process 

Information on field sobriety test instructions, drug recognition evaluation process, and evaluation process.  This information is subject to change without notice.  Contact NHTSA or the International Association of Chiefs of Police for updates and official documents.



5. Video of HGN and other effects on the eyes provided by Acunetx.  Video taken using HawkEye recording equipment.



6.  NHTSA Visual Detection of DUI Motorists    Information on driving behaviors of impaired drivers



7.  Winek's Drug & Chemical Blood-Level Data 2001    Information on therapeutic, toxic, and lethal blood and plasma drug levels.



8.  US National Library of Medicine - TOXNET   Toxicology Data Network



9.  American Prosecutors Research Institute   Information on prosecution of traffic law cases, including information on breath testing devices, DRE, and other important issues involved in DUI.



10.  Medline Plus       Information about drugs and health.



11.  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Drug Index



12.  California Association of Toxicologists  (CAT)



13.  TIAFT      The International Association of Forensic Toxicology



14.  SOFT      The Society of Forensic Toxicology



15.  NIDA  The National Institute on Drug Abuse      Information about drugs of abuse.



16.  Simplified Widmark "r" factor      Dr. Barbour's article on estimating the whole blood volume of distribution (Widmark's "r" factor) for alcohol.



17.  California Department of Motor Vehicles and DUI; 23152 defined



18.  California Department of Justice Toxicology (Cal DOJ Toxicology Laboratory)



19.  Title 17 California Code of Regulations (as of January 2006).  Note: This was compiled from other sources and should not be considered "official".

Refer to the State of California for any legal documents.  Changes may occur without notice.



20 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institute of Health; Information on many alcohol related issues.



21. Dr. Kurt Dubowski's reference "Stages of Acute Alcoholic Influence and Intoxication".    Information about the relationship between blood alcohol levels and its effects.



22.  Physical data for drugs and chemicals from NIST



23.  Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry         



24.  Periodic Table of the Elements



25.  ROSITA; Roadside Testing Assesment;  Information from European Union countries and driving under the influence of drugs.


  National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism "Standard Drink Chart"

Please let us know if these are helpful, or if other sites or sources are recommended!  Thanks.