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The Forensic Toxicology Specialists

9700 Business Park Dr., Suite 406
Sacramento CA 95827
(916)366-3113   FAX  (916)366-3917


DDL ( hi minh) toxicologists are available for consultation and can review your case, including all discovery, technical data, and subject statements. A review and verbal report is typically $150.00 (45 minutes billed at $200 an hour), and all fees are based on time required.  Written reports are an additional $100.00 or more depending on time involved.

Please fax or mail discovery documents to Drug Detection Laboratories. Please include arrest reports, subject's statements, toxicology reports, calibration records, medication lists, and any other information that may impact your case.  Complex cases may require more time than the standard 45 minutes, and are billed accordingly.  Phone consultations are also available.

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